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2008/05/23 07:29AM
Living in Kuwait 1      Number of views: 1877

Al salamo 3alikom,

This is my first series in describing life in Kuwait, as an Foreigner, it's a long story, It's not always a tuff life, but, most of the time I enjoy being with family and yes Kuwait is a FAMILY country. lets me correct that, Kuwait is a STATE but not a country, there is not enough room for singles to live in, but, with family you could do a lot of funny things to let the time passes, I'm Egyptian and I'm proud to be one, but, I'm not happy with what is going on in Egypt and I hope things become better soon and I have been born in Kuwait so, my opinion may prefer Kuwait more.

It's a peaceful and beautiful country, quiet and good for raising family but, it's HOT and DUSTY weather is a big trouble.
you may find some problems with some people (citizens) because of some kind of ego but, it's not for all of them, some people raised by the idea of "they are the owners of Kuwait and they have the right to do anything" it's not the common idea now, the majority really respect people and appreciate what foreigners work, I know that many people gives bad ideas about living in Kuwait, but, I refuse this, lets us see a simple example which is you will find thousands of families that lives and dies in Kuwait, so if it's a bad place to live in why they still here?
Anyway, this is enough for my first real personal post.