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2008/06/08 03:25PM
Living in Kuwait 2      Number of views: 1591

Hi again, This is my second part of Living in Kuwait, I won't say much because, I'm busy these days with studying and researching in SharePoint and other stuff, anyway, I have been in Kuwait for nearly 2.5 years, and yes before I said that I was born here, but, before Iraq invasion we went to Egypt in our summer vacation and we never came back till 2.5 years before,
Anyway, it’s very dusty these days and I’m in home most of the time, I go with my friends to a coffee shop (Kahwa) one in Kuwait and the other is in Salmiya there are other high class once, but, I love lower class because, I feel myself there, you can play domino and shout as you wish, but, in higher class coffee shops you will feel stranger and everyone will look at you as a fool J
If you like me, with your family, you would love hanging out in groups of families and may have a barbeque at the beach, sometimes the weather is stunning and sometimes because of the humidity  you may hate yourself.
It’s enough for no again J I have to go,
Best of luck,