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2008/07/12 06:02PM
Family Day One :)      Number of views: 2209

Al hamdu lel ALLAH, Today, I have discovered how lucky I am! As we (me and my family) agreed that we must celebrate an annual event related to family calculated based on the average of our birthdates ( sum of our birth date days divided by the number (as in this case we are 4 (Mum, Marwa, Maram and myself)) and the same goes for birth date month, so, it is 12/7, we went to the Scientific Center in Kuwait, really, it is a fantastic place, we did enjoyed our time although we didn’t like the Pizza Hut (not well cooked Pizza and salad), but, we loved the aquarium and IMAX movie, it was about pharos and mummies, wow, I didn’t believe what we saw, it’s very amusing, and informative.

I’ll leave you now with the pictures.
PS: I’m not a good photographer, but, I’m trying my best, I hope you do like them.

Another PS: you can still reply to any of my posts but, you should be logged in.



The Scientific Center

My Lovely Mother


Marwa and Mum


Sure, Maram :)


Pretty isn't she?


This is me with my BIG BELLY :)

AM I sad? Sure not, but you can say, ugly picture.


Smile :)

Mighty Maram

Mighty Maram  


After eathing BAD PIZZA :) still smiling though :)


no more comments, just enjoy the pictures



Happy Ending :)


Marwa in my Pajero :) al hamdu lel ALLAH, everybody is happy


I really wish that everybody is happy today and everyday,


all the best for everyone :)