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2008/12/04 01:01AM
Flash Quran Program      Number of views: 2533

Al salamo 3alikom, at last, it has been really long time since I posted something, wow, I was in vacation - doing Omra, then, when I came back, I gave a 3 weeks training course for SharePoint Designer to some of the Ministry's Employees, well, I can't say other than it was successful, at least from the trainee's point of view :),




Anyway, I have been searching for this application, it was created by I love this application, it's easy and very smooth  with Tajweed, I have been searching for this version many times, but, at last a relative gave it to me :),

Here is the download link

I'm trying to upload it to my website, and I'll update this post as soon as I have done that.


Download Here  Please, don't use Download Managers, it will kill my site ( Thanks for understanding )


Happy Feast for you all :)