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2008/12/09 01:44PM
Samsung Omnia SGH-i900      Number of views: 2863

Samsung Omnia

Hey, it's my first online review ever, I have been using technology for my life, I have messed with a lot of devices, some was really bad and some were fantastic.

Today, I'm going to give my opinion about the New Samsung OMNIA, PS: it's not new anymore :), but, for GCC its new, I have read a lot about it, in forums, and public sites and both do give not clear idea about this pretty device, it doesn't mean that it's the best device belt ever, but, it's revolution era, after the introduction of IPhone everything changed, that's why now other companies are trying to introduce something called "IPhone killer:, actually, each is killer in its own way.

The revolution that I can see in this device that many of Pocket PC devices had a full upgrade, like, I never heard that was a 5MP Camera in a Pocket PC, I have used many Pocket PCs (Imate PPC, HTC Tytn I, and HTC Advantage, then Omnia) so, basically, I have gone through many devices with no 5MP, auto focus, smile detector and flash camera and a beautiful sleek design.

With 16 GB Storage (there is another version with 8 GB storage) and in the same time you have a MicroSD card for more space. I have the 16GB MicroSD card and it's working flawlessly. While I was playing around with my Omnia I faced some problems -which are solvable problems-, but, I have to mention it if you are really thinking of buying OMNIA it's a great Pocket PC, just go for it.

So, beside a beautiful piece, it has the same memory problem, it's internal memory is 256MB, and it's still not big memory, I don't know why hardware manufactures doesn't produce something with high memory and in the same time, why Microsoft can't search for a solution to solve the issue of storing everything in the main memory and there is no use for the extra bytes we have, except for third party applications and media files (notes, mp3, videos and others....).

so, if you got out of space you have to uninstall some applications, or try some memory cleaning software (freeware and shareware), or using the registry you can tweak it by changing the location of My Documents (for example) and delete it from the main folder to gain some megs, or even install a cooked ROM (which is a striped or customized version of the original Omnia's OS), try searching, they have great people there in the Omnia section.



I'm using Mem maid, SK Tools and they are doing great job in cleaning and optimizing the behavior of the device, but, watch out, don't play with those applications, because, it may make the Omnia freeze and hang, and you will have to Hard Rest (Formatting).

Ok, what's then, hmmm, I'm a Muslim so, I need my device to be arabized, I read in some forums that Samsung will launch an Arabic supported ROM for the Omnia, so, shall we wait for it, this promise was from 2 months ago or more, so, how would we buy a device with a promise :) anyway, many Arabizing software available now,


For myself, I used a combination of two packages (SunnySoft and Mobidiv) :), because, Mobidiv do have a very cool Prayer Times program, and my little omnia is working great, and the SunnySoft, they do have a great tools.


You can use Mobidiv (for free) and/or SunnySoft Arabic Suite - with cool keyboard and features (which I prefer, because, they have great customer support.)

There is another problem yet, yeah, its stylus located outside the phone, which I consider a bad design, but after all, you can get used to it.


PS: I heard in some forums that Samsung is very sensitive to ROM updates, Thank ALLAH, nothing happened and I have installed about 4 or 5 different ROMs.

So, what makes the Omnia is one of the best Pocket PCs, Samsung made a great job in customizing it's software, like it's dialer, Silver inbox, Today screens and many other tools, in addition to its design, features that makes it the top of the current PPC in the market, I have seen the HTC Touch HD, it's has a gorgeous screen, but, it doesn't have other features that can compete with Omnia only (Screen, Ram, internal stylus) and this is again a big plus for the HD.


After all, OMNIA is one of the best Pocket PC I have ever dealt with, fast with sleek looking design.

PS: If you are a newbie in Pocket PC, please, try to read about Windows Mobile before you move to it, it's a total different idea it's different than Smart Phones.


Anyway, if you need more detailed information, don't be hesidated to write me, or just reply to this post by Logging in/Register then, reply.