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2009/03/13 12:42PM
HTC HD (Blackstone)      Number of views: 9710



HTC HD (Blackstone)


Hi again, it has been a while since I wrote something on my blog, I’m here to introduce my opinion regarding HTC HD (Blackstone), since I gave my opinion about Samsung Omina, I needed to talk about HD, for those people who don’t know what’s HD means, it means High Definition, the phone has power capabilities, very attractive LCD 3.8” wow, that’s very nice and VGA resolution as well, superb colors, but, in the same time if it’s compared to Omnia, you would see some advantages for Omnia over HD and vice versa,

One more reason to write this entry, that I have seen many people viewed the Omnia’s review, and I want them to see the HTC HD review, I’m not working for any of both companies, I’m just giving my “Personal” point of view so, let’s hit the road.



1.       Super LCD size and resolution

2.       Better Touch screen, but, still IPhone rocks J

3.       Great internal Memory, I have installed all my programs and there are about 90MB remaining, wow.

4.       TouchFLO 3D a winning software for HTC, but, it gets slow response sometimes and sometimes gets freeze.

5.        Virtual Buttons very nice, but, I have a comment on them.

6.       Not easy to be arabized, as it get locked on by the region that you brought it from but, there are some alternatives you can find online ( (wonderful forums)).

So, those were the advantages, ok, what about the disadvantages?

1.       Short battery life, this is due to the screen size, but, still it reaches almost 2 days for a single charge, Omnia, would take almost full week if you turned off the bluetooth radio, Omnia rocks.

2.       Not good Signal reception, this is one of the things that I noticed it, when I started the phone, Omnia, never gave me less than 4 bars signal.

3.       No Internal storage, just microSD card, sometimes it’s very useful to have internal storage.

4.       Not easy to install cooked ROMs, unless you have hacked or overload the Bootloader (check ).

5.       Sometimes, I face a very sluggish behavior, I don’t know why is that, but, that wasn’t the case in Omni

6.       Virtual / Touch buttons are not useful as they look, if the LCD is off, you can’t use them, you will have to turn on the LCD by using the power button, which sometimes, I feel that it’s hard to press especially when you hold the device with one hand.

7.       Absence of Hardware keys is a big disadvantage for the HD, as you want to quickly access the dialer or even turn the LCD on.

8. Soft-Reset button, this is a vital button especially in Windows Mobile (PPC) device, it's hidden beneath the back cover, :( I have to remove it in order to just reset the phone (Thanks for reminding me Wadan).



Ok, I have mentioned Pros/Cons for the HTC HD, and I have compared some of the points with Omnia, and it’s a well known thing, it’s impossible to have all the capabilities in one phone, each has its taste, but, as a final comment, you will never have a good camera in a PocketPC like the one you find in Sony Ericsson, I don’t know why is that, in the same time, the speed of PocketPCs even they have very fast processors compared to Nokia, but, again, Windows Mobile (the word Windows) is slow and I hope it would be better with the new releases from Microsoft.

I loved the HD, I have tried installing all of my software and they runs beautifully, but, all what I’m complaining about is the lack of Hardware keys and battery life, through, it’s nice to have it around.

PS: if you want more information regarding HD or Omnia you can contact me through the website or just post your comments -you have to register-.


Thanks and I hope I demonstrated my opinion well,



Microsoftawy (MAG)