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2009/09/11 06:09PM
Doloto (AJAX Download Time Optimizer)      Number of views: 3334


I love Java-Script, and because, I’m microsoftawy (Egyptian word(Arabic Slang))   which means in English [Microsoft Technologies Oriented or Microsoftian], so, I must use AJAX for the MOF Web apps, but, particularly AJAX I don’t use it at all, you can say I’m anti-AJAX because, of the huge resource files (Java-script) that being transported over the network with each request. Even AJAX is very easy in development and offer impressive features, but, I prefer more harder approaches or technologies like JQuery or even I hard code my AJAX functions myself, but, Accidental I came across a newsletter and I found an IBM product which simplify the Web 2.0 and Java-script, and I wondered whether Microsoft has a tool like that, and Viola “DoLoTo” (Chisel - a way of cheating) I went to the home page and start reading about it, and I thought that this may solve my AJAX problems and boosts the download time for the AJAX resource file(s).
Actually, I didn’t try it out, because, I’m little busy those days, and I may use it in “Al Fetr Feast (Eid)” which is a 9 days away.
I hope this solves my problem, and I hope that other people benefit from this post too.