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2010/02/16 04:50PM
“Raise the Flag, And…”      Number of views: 3085
It has been so long since that I have wrote something on my blog (as usual), but, I’m here today and I want to point to something I faced a lot in my current position, working in a governmental agency is not easy, you have to play with the other’s rules, consultant basically, doesn’t not have any kind of Organizational or Managerial powers, so, basically, he must live with it, and even try to add more challenges to it.


I started my role as a Software Development Consultant from more than 2 and half years ago, and working with Kuwaiti managers (owners or stakeholders) and employees and it wasn’t that easy for me due to cultural, habits and customs boundaries , and the first thing that was really very hard for me is the current state of Projects deliverables which were delayed and always new constraints are added (requirements) furthermore, the target was to deliver the “100% requirements complete” systems, the “scope creep” was one of the first factors of “Why Projects Fail” problems, and no one tries to fix that because, the stakeholder was convinced that projects must be 100 Complete even for older consultants, they tried and the wend just very high for them too, so, the basic idea was just “swim with the flow”, which I could not bear, I tried to do some corrections plans but, the amount of resistant was strong, in the same time, I was new, and I had to convince the board that I’m trust worthy.

On the other hand, the users are waiting for a promise “a nice system” that will solve their nightmares and they were kept waiting for ages, which makes the need for a solution fades and soon will turn into dust, In my opinion, we as a humans in the internet era do have different mentality, I mean, by the Terminal’s days, people had to work on monochrome screens with ugly interface and they can’t complain, but, now, people do have demands that if you are not going to fulfill they won’t use your system.


So now, we have “unsatisfied users” + “scope creep” == “wrong turn (movieJ)”, after all, what I do is just “Raise the Flag” and continue digging in the mess, hopefully, either the project just get dropped or a miracle happened.

PS: this is my personal thoughts no more no less J


Thank you,


Mohamed Gad