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2010/04/22 03:23AM
IS dhl (KUWAIT) is the same as DHL Worldwide, What a pity!      Number of views: 3839
Recently, I have faced a lot of issues with EasyShop (DHL Parcel forwarding service) and I figure out that, even major companies such as DHL, they do really fall in to being ridiculously bad in some countries, although, DHL is charging me more, I like it’s fast shipping, but, when it come to this matters, I’ll never accept to be ripped off and mistreated like that.
  • BE WARE VOLUME weighting is Active NOW, without prior notice for the old customers (Emails are free isn't it?)
  • Unreasonable charges to bleed you, "Clearance Charges" what is that???? This is a BIG LIE.
  • Come and collect your stuff, even smaller companies compared to DHL do provide home delivery.
  • No email notifications about new regulations changes.
  • No Custom respect, One day I called the Easy shop guys in Kuwait and the man who answered me interrogating me, he suppose to help me solving things out, but, he made me feel that he is a police officer.
  • SMS messages are the worst and sent from unknown number not like other RESPECTABLE companies, see the difference between both
The good one which I always receive:
Dear Mr. Gad,
Please be advised that your shipment is available for collection at Dhl in sharq. AWB:XXXXXX


The Last one they sent me:

Dear Mohd, <- see what I mean, so impolite.
Please collect your shipment from the DHL office in Sharq, Shipment will be transferred after 3 days of arrival to the ware house (spelling mistake, if it was me, it's OK but, DHL is a worldwide company :( )
And storage charges will be applied (I never heard that DHL has this kind of charges, but, I guess they are faking things to rip you off)
After 30 days of the arrival shipment will be destroyed awb:XXXXXXX
  • I sent a complaint to DHL Kuwait, and for full 3 business days I never had an answer.
  • I had a problem before, that I have bought a new battery for my Sony e-Reader, and it was stuck at the DHL USA's address for no reason, and when I have contacted Kuwait's customer services, they said that it won't be shipped because, it was prohibited item :), and if I want to forward it to another location they would be happy to do so, frankly speaking, I got this battery for free :), so, I don't want to pay any extra money ($15 charges + the real cost to forward to someplace in the US), so, I asked them to dispose it, anyway, the battery just was there for about 2 months and not disposed, hmmmm, strange isn't it?, after that, I have bought another item, which was legal, and it got stuck there so, total items were 2 in my inbox, I have contacted USA team this time, and they said that they will send BOTH shipments to Kuwait and it was a Technical Problem (wowwwwww), this means that Kuwait's office is full of XXXXX, no comment :(.



So, the question forces itself, shall I go back to Aramex (even I do sometimes) or Try TNT or FedEx, maybe the they will be better in their services and more merciful.


Mohamed Gad