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2010/06/15 04:52AM
Love what you do, you'll be naturally ambitious      Number of views: 3289

 I was reading a book about personal development called "Personal Development for life and work" for Ann Masters and Harold Wallace, and I came to this quote

"When you love what you do, ambition comes naturally" Clarissa Cutrell

I stopped, and I reread it, maybe twice, and I remembered how was things with me,


In this Entry, I'm sharing my life experience with you, with anybody whom thinking that he is a failure and because of any reasons he/she didn't achieve what he/she is dreaming of, If you weren't interested in knowing enough about me and reading my resume, I guess you should do but after reading this blog, but, I want to make something clear, many people say that I'm lucky, and this is not what I do remember, I really suffered a lot and it's not easy.

I was graduated from the Faculty of Commerce as an Accountant, and I loved computer software development as I started to develop applications since high-school on my old Sakhr loaded with MSX Basic, and GWBasic on old XT machines, I used to develop applications on VB + Access Database while I was in collage, even I got nominated twice by the Science Club, Cairo University.

I don't want to tell you how much I have suffered, especially, when there is no guide or someone who can put you on path, but, my love to computers guided me through, of course, ALLAH guided me, by making me love it and never get disparate.

After graduation, I faced many problems due to, I wasn't an IT Graduated - Yes, we have this problem in Egypt, even I have obtained a Higher Diploma in Computer Science (Post graduate) but, it didn't stop me, I spent all of my money on books and training courses, just to develop my technical skills, and because, I was ambitious, I met professional people from different places, even I made a project for someone, who really tried to sell it to Microsoft :D, furthermore, I worked in very nice companies different sizes, which added to my experience and again, I still face the same situation, but, when it comes to experience, the whole matter differs.

So, whomever you are, you are talented and you are gifted, if you just don't know, all what you have is find it inside you, believe in yourself, and consolidate it with proper study, you will be successful faster than you may think.

The Conclusion

If you loved what you are doing?, you will are ambition enough :)



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